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The Huawei nova 8i Review

the Huawei nova 8i review: a smartphone with a skinny frame

However, the updated “new” is notable not only for its delightfully thin edges. The screen as a whole, the loading speed, and other buns offer no less. Details below: in the Huawei nova 8i review.

Thin frames, “round” cameras

So in front of us, we have a solid screen for almost the entire front surface. It occupies 94.7% of the show, which is an industry record if it does not fail me. And at the same time, the Huawei nova 8i is NOT a flagship but a very affordable smartphone. We added the suitable wallpaper (NOT in stock) and the screen almost shines in the hands – juicy and excellent colors by IPS matrix brightness standards.

Messengers, social networks, photos, and videos – everything is perceived entirely differently. All thanks to the fact that there are almost no faces. At the top and sides of the frame, only 1.35 and 1.3 millimeters, respectively. I can hardly imagine if it is possible to reduce the structure even further.

Thanks to the smooth and slightly beveled back, the smartphone feels great in the hands, which glows even in low light. It looks great, but there is a downside: the back cover is happy to pick up all the dust, dirt, and fingerprints. You will often have to clean the device with microfiber, at least a t-shirt. Fortunately, the smartphone did not have time to scratch; that’s fine. However, the kit includes a branded case for each firefighter.

The quad chamber is decorated in a circle behind the center. We have already seen it somewhere, at Huawei and other manufacturers. The solution is not new but practical because the module is centrally located. Yes, it sticks out, but you can comfortably type on the keyboard while the smartphone is on the table; nothing sways, as in an epileptic seizure.

The display shows. beautiful

At first, it seemed that the screen was working at high speed. If it’s not 120, then 90 Hz for sure. Still, the animation is fluid, the lists flipping in the most liquid and responsive way possible. It turned out that the standard frequency of 60 Hz was used. Here and after thinking about the need for a fashionable and “breakthrough” technology. But the refresh rate of the touch layer reaches 180 Hz, a practical option in games. However, there is a nuance that we will talk about later.

Diagonal 6.67 inches, Full HD + resolution, nothing is known about the brightness, contrast, and other characteristics. However, this is not important. By IPS technology standards, the screen is excellent.

Eye protection exists in several forms. You can activate the dark mode, change the screen tone to a warm range, or change the system to black and white. However, the DC Dimming setting is not detected in the menu, which surprises Huawei.

crazy load

In the first 30 minutes, the smartphone charges 78%, a promising start. Half an hour later, it turned out that the smartphone had been 100% charged. Huawei suggested that 38 minutes would be enough for a full charge. So the charging is high-speed. You can fully charge the device without half authorization in the morning while going to work.

However, the survivability of the device does not lend itself. In numbers, the 4300 mAh battery is not very impressive. But the smartphone lives a long time. The reasonably regular operation (browser, social networks, a bit of YouTube, and music) takes 50-60% of the load during the first day. The rest is enough until the evening of the next day, and there, in the end, the smartphone expects a 66-watt power supply. By the way, it is included, you do not need to buy anything additional.

Quad cameras in a circle

The round module with four rear cameras is decorated with a matrix in 64 MP. Produce great shots with insufficient light. The strength of Huawei smartphones in proper color reproduction and realistic white balance and the nova 8i is no exception.

For example, a Korean competitor often intimidates colors – images often look abnormally juicy. The company’s American rival in the smartphone market loves yellow, so photos often turn out flat and lifeless. However, our hero manages to balance evenly lit photos (thanks to HDR) and the volume and depth of the frame.

With the onset of darkness, it is better to switch to a special night mode. In this case, the photos are bright, sharp, and saturated. However, the wide-angle module 8 MP does not save it, and it only works well during the day.

A couple of other 2 MP cameras are responsible for measuring the depth of field during portrait and macro photography. And a 16 MP camera is installed in the front, although it may seem that the space is allocated to two modules.

The smartphone can record FHD video at a rate of 30 frames per second. He only knows how, nothing more.

The second year without Google. the flight is normal

Huawei has been living without Google services for the second year in a row, and it feels good. All the necessary synchronizations, clouds, and contacts close the company’s services. And the essential applications in two clicks are downloaded from the Huawei AppGallery brand collection. Some links lack utilities like Instagram and WhatsApp. Everything works through the alternative Apkpure app store. Where, for example, I also bought PUBG Mobile. It all started smoothly, and you just had to log in with your email address—classic story.


The lack of Google services has not been a problem for a long time. The AppGallery app store has everything you need. Other needs are closed by an alternative directory: Apkpure. YouTube works through a browser, and its services give away contacts, backups, and other digital delights.

The Huawei nova 8i has only two controversial points. The first: the sudden absence of a memory card slot. Most will have enough built-in 128GB, but the ability to expand the flash drive, okay, wouldn’t hurt. The second bottleneck is productivity. The smartphone is suitable for basic tasks, not too trivial. Fans of living on the phone, switching between apps in an instant, will have to be patient. However, the animation and the system work without problems.

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