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Soundcore Motion Boom Plus speakers Review

Soundcore is getting us used to quality products like its new Sport X10 wireless headphones and these Bluetooth speakers capable of replacing those that reign in this segment. Soundcore Motion Boom Plus speakers stand out for how good the bass sounds to get the Party started wherever we have them.

Design and usability
Soundcore Motion Boom Plus

Soundcore’s new Bluetooth speakers have left us with a good taste in our mouths, and we can take them anywhere to enjoy a powerful sound experience that makes them ideal.

In the design, of course, they have a severe and impactful presence to leave them feeling that they will sound very loud. In other words, they have a rugged design but are a bit aggressive so that the different woofers can be found through the protection grille.

It is easy to carry, they do not weigh much, and with the carrying strap, you can put them on your shoulder with the towel. They are practical and have the buttons to get hold of them quickly.

Turning them on and quickly connecting to the device is another of its virtues so that the user experience wins over. Thanks to its AUX-IN, it has IP 67 certification and the possibility of connecting to an external audio source.
sound quality
Soundcore Motion Boom Plus

With two 10 W tweeters and two 30 W woofers each, plus two passive radiators, they add the power of 80 W, ideal for giving the note at all times from titanium diaphragm speakers. As we mentioned, you have to use the room sound button yes or yes so that the bass lays the foundation for the mids and treble to sound good.

They are Bluetooth speakers made for bass, so this Anker product can be better valued by understanding their concept. That said, they do sound good enough at a reasonable sound level, and if we take it to the maximum, they can compete with the JBL Boombox. Compared to the standard SoundCore Motion Boom, this model is twice as powerful in sound.

First impressions

In our case, we have been lucky enough to test the Marshall Stanmore ii previously. It must be said that, although the Soundcore Sport X10 do not reach their level, for specific genres of music that use powerful bass, they can be ideal, apart from the fact that, unlike the Marshalls, these can be carried wherever one wants.

So it becomes a Bluetooth speaker with excellent sound potential to take anywhere this summer and thus have a party with friends. And they are created for this, although they can always be enjoyed without activating the sound boost.

sound core

Of course, without its contribution to the bass, the music does not sound the same, and the mids and highs literally ‘eat’ the sound experience, so we have always activated this function so that the bass is the protagonist.

Another important fact for the portability of these speakers is their IP67 certification, which allows us to forget about those drops of water that can fall on them when we have it in the pool and one of our friends, just out of it, wants to turn up the volume or go from the song.


You have to be happy because these Anker Bluetooth speakers carry Bluetooth 5.3, so we will enjoy the best connectivity with energy savings and the best possible connection.

It has an AUX-IN output and options such as PartyCast 2.0 (to pair it with other speakers and generate a more prominent sound source) and TWS, so they are well-disposed speakers to connect with other devices thus be the kings of Party.

Unlike the app from other brands, like the one from Marshall, Soundcore puts the user in front of an easy interface that allows you to configure the sound and do all kinds of actions. Other brands we refer to Marshall itself, that with the sound quality generated by its speakers, its app is far from that level.

The Soundcore app

But here we are before another story since Soundcore knows how to build applications that meet all the requirements that can be demanded of a product such as this Bluetooth speaker.


Soundcore boasts up to 20 hours of uninterrupted playback, so the sound experience will be there without us having to worry about charging. A higher volume indeed consumes more battery, but with 20 hours, there is enough margin to have a party anywhere or at a friend’s house, as long as the neighbors don’t kick us out of the community.

Soundcore Motion Boom Plus

A 13,400 mAh battery goes a long way, and those 20 hours are there. It can be charged from zero to full in about 5.5 hours with a Type-C 5V/3A charger, but it offers the experience of being able to charge other devices.

final opinion

As its name indicates, the new Soundcore Motion Boom Plus are Bluetooth speakers that live for and by the bass. It must be said that they can be taken wherever you want by using the battery, so it is the ideal companion to take on a trip on vacation without taking up much space.

Soundcore Motion Boom Plus

They weigh little, which helps, and sound scary at high volume. Its connectivity is simple and allows us to connect several simultaneously so that the audio output is multiplied by each.

Their autonomy is 20 hours, so we can forget about charging them for a few days if we use them for a long time. For this reason, they are ideal speakers for 179.99 euros in Amazon Spain to go on vacation or be in those places where the moments are pleasant with good music playing in the background.

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