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Oneplus Nord 2t Review

We have found few or no surprises when taking the OnePlus Nord 2T out of the box, observing it, and giving it the first turns and turns in our hands.

The OnePlus Nord 2T complies with most of the unwritten rules of smartphones of recent times, especially about the camera module, which once again takes center stage in the design.

Oneplus Nord 2t Analysis Engadget Cover

If you want to look current, the giant camera module is essential.

In this Nord 2T, the camera module grows substantially, visually leaving two significant elements that hide the three cameras (two are located in the lower element). That module protrudes from the back and is the same tone as the rest of the terminal.
The OnePlus Nord 2T succumbs to design with a giant camera module but not many color options.

The back of the OnePlus Nord 2T is made of glass, with a glossy finish and curved sides. The frame, also with a glossy finish, is made of plastic but does not adopt the same tone as the back, which can only be in two colors (gray and blue).

Oneplus Nord 2t Analysis Rear Glass Detail

The OnePlus Nord 2T is quite comfortable in hand, weighing only 190 grams and 8mm thick. Despite the smooth lines, the lateral curvature, its lightness, and the utterly soft touch of the glass, it is not a particularly slippery phone, although we will feel more comfortable with a case.

It’s not time to risk the screen !

Conservative. So we can define the screen of the OnePlus Nord 2T in a single word. There is no relevant news here, so we have almost a standard in this segment: AMOLED panel and FullHD + resolution (2400×1080 pixels). It comes protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and is HDR10+ certified.

The screen diagonal of the OnePlus Nord 2T is 6.43 inches, thus repeating that of the OnePlus Nord 2, which succeeds in its own right.

The OnePlus Nord 2T screen conforms to the minimum required.

The day-to-day screen of the OnePlus Nord 2T is more than correct, with an acceptable density for its price (409 dpi) and a brightness and factory calibration also following what its price tag indicates. Perhaps the brightness sensor, when we go from a light environment to a dark one, takes too long to take action.

This new OnePlus smartphone panel allows you to choose between two screen modes: intense, the default one, and natural. In both cases, we can also adjust the color temperature.

Display modes

There is no lack of visual comfort, color enhancer in the video by AI, or refresh rate among the screen options. Here we have a maximum of 90 Hz, something scarce for this phone level. We can choose between that mode or 60 Hz, but they are fixed refresh levels.

The screen, which supports activation with two touches or raising it, has an Always Active Screen mode, which gives us many customization options, including battery status and application icons with pending notifications. There is also a side light.

A whole day to enjoy the smartphone.

The OnePlus Nord 2T does not risk the capacity of its battery either, perhaps to ensure a weight below 200 grams, given its glass finish.
The OnePlus Nord 2T offers just 24 hours of autonomy to enjoy its screen for more than 8 hours daily without surprises.

The standard battery is 4500 mAh, supporting 80 W SUPERVOOC fast charging, with a standard compatible charger that allows us to reach 100% charge in less than 28 minutes starting from 5% and with always-on connectivity according to our tests. It is a relief for many users that, faced with the impossibility of having more battery capacity, they can be relieved with an actual fast charge.

The red cable and a good charger: house brand

In our standard tests with the terminals that go through the work table, we have averaged just over 24 hours of autonomy, of which between 8 and 9 hours have been active screen. With regular use of the terminal, there will be no problem reaching the end of the day in a solvent way, so be careful if you abuse the game.

Zero risk with the cameras

The OnePlus Nord 2T, we repeat, has the word “risk-free” engraved in its DNA. We will see it again in its central photographic system, even though, on an aesthetic level, it wants to indicate a vital leap that, in reality, has not occurred.

The basis of the photographic system of the OnePlus Nord 2T is already well known in the brand’s catalog. Your bet is safe thanks to its primary camera’s Sony sensor IMX766 of 50 megapixels. This element has optical stabilization with a six-element lens and f/1.88 aperture.

From here, we already have to mention secondary cameras that are so due to their importance as well as their actual performance. Suffice it to say that the wide angle is already satisfied with an 8-megapixel sensor (EIS, 120º) and a lens with an f/2.25 aperture. The blunt camera module’s design is accompanied by a 2-megapixel monochrome sensor with an f/2.46 aperture lens.
The price of having a level primary sensor is that the rest of the photographic elements are far below. But it is an idea that is sometimes preferred.

The camera interface has left us with good feelings. It is fast and complete, and within what we find in the market, it is pretty configurable and makes logical sense when it comes to offering options for use to the consumer.

We particularly like that HDR and high-resolution (50 MP) modes are always accessible, and you don’t have to scroll through internal menus to shoot with them. Also, Pro mode, with options to shoot in RAW or show the overlay histogram with a single click.

If we now go on to analyze the camera’s performance, we must focus entirely on the main one, with which we have a sure guarantee of good-level results in most situations.

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