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Amazfit T-Rex 2 Review

Amazfit does not only want to go for Garmin and its Epix 2 but also for the Huawei Watch GT 3, as an example of a smartwatch with great design, great concept, at a reasonable price, and that reflects the millimeter and accurately all the data that collects field trips or all kinds of exercises performed by the user.

And it is that the new Amazfit T-Rex 2 has surprised us for good to feel that on the wrist of our hand, we carry an accessory that will be present and without blinking before any environment or circumstance is placed on it.

We will refer to the test carried out by the same brand a few days ago when this Smartwatch was launched into the stratosphere to measure its resistance. Fifteen military certifications endorse its capabilities that are well noted with that sphere protected by an ultra-resistant body.

With its ability to withstand up to 70°C heat, -40°C cold, 240 hours humidity, 96 hours salt spray, and its resistance to ice, cold, and impact, we see where the shots are going with this Smartwatch.

But not only does it remain a resistant smartwatch, but its AMOLED screen puts the icing on the cake so that with some of its watch faces, it can show all the essential data on the screen, whether we want a sporty style or something else of design.

And that we are still waiting for an update that offers support for Wikiloc and turn-by-turn navigation; With these two novelties, it would become the direct competitor of one of Garmin’s shining stars.

Screen: Exquisite with AMOLED
Amazfit T-Rex 2

We have loved it, and it is also thanks to its watch faces; some are exciting. 1.39″ AMOLED panel that you can see all the information on the screen perfectly even when sunlight falls on it.

It is one of its best qualities. In this sense, Amazfit knows well that a good screen can offer meaningful experiences during outings in the mountains or when doing extreme exercises.

Here we can only applaud that with a striking watch face, this Amazfit T-Rex 2 is even more beautiful to wear on the wrist of our hand.

The best companion for your mobile

The calls are notified, but we cannot answer them, so we will have to use the mobile. Yes, messages from messaging apps can respond with predefined messages or those emojis, so meaningful interaction is there for those who need it.
Amazfit T-Rex 2

It also allows us to control the music on the watch, so we can listen through the headphones while doing sports; whenever we have a mobile nearby.

One aspect we hope it will soon receive is the turn-by-turn navigation that other smartwatches have, although we can install the Notify for Maps application from the App Store in the Zepp app. We know that it will be updated with this feature present in other alternatives so that the clock shows us the next turn to make. This meaningful experience should not be missing in a smartwatch of this caliber.
Amazfit T-Rex 2

We miss a store with more apps, although the ones it does have are beneficial from Zepp with applications such as GoPro, Home Connect, Water Time, or calculator. But what has been said, something more is needed in this regard.

In its favor, there is the moment we are in, in which the watches with a wide range of apps, such as those of Wear OS, are not standing out, such as the Galaxy Watch 4.

Also, the Zepp app with which we collect all the data is very well crafted and has everything you may need. Three tabs for an overview home page for steps, sleep, heart rate, PAI, history, and other tools; and one dedicated to health, with all the data required to assess the daily work done with our exercises.

Of course, we can customize the watch faces or add friends to compare exercises. In other words, a complete app with a minimalist and straightforward design reflects all the health data that matters.

measuring your exercises

The Amazfit T-Rex 2 has a great capacity to record all kinds of health-related data. Your heart rate measurement, blood oxygen, stress, or owner, is accompanied by a compass or barometer to have other types of data at hand.

More than 158 sports modes (running and walking, cycling, swimming, outdoor, indoor, dance, combat, ball, water sports, winter sports, and even board games or others like jumping rope), 15 intelligent movement recognition of strength training or eight sports (outdoor running, treadmill, walking, indoor, cycling, pool swimming, rowing machine and elliptical) training templates, track running mode or training status with PeakBeats are your value bets.

To measure its precision, we have placed it next to the Huawei Watch GT 3, which, if it stands out for something, is because of how well the Chinese company has done so that it is capable of reflecting all the data very well with great precision and also being at the same level as the Garmin Epix 2.

Design: sporty and total
Amazfit T-Rex 2

A smartwatch that lets you like it from the first second when you wear it is characterized by a sporty design. It has a matte finish and an outer ring represented by being plated in metal. Its physical buttons, just four, are visible at all times, and that opening on the side stands out to leave the necessary gap for one of its sensors.

The silicone strap can absorb sweat to keep the Smartwatch always dry and produce all the comfort in the world. It is indeed noticeable on the wrist with its weight of 66.5 grams and dimensions of 47.1 x 47.1 x 13.65 mm.

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