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Soundcore Sport X10 Review

First, we are dealing with headphones whose concept is different from what we are used to by these lines, such as the Huawei Freebuds Pro 2 or the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 (both are different and offer different experiences). In other words, the Soundcore Sport X10 headphones use a rotating hook that allows them to be held perfectly, so they fit into the ear cavity at all times.

This means that even moving fast enough, whether running, they will always be, more or less, offering the same sound level, although perhaps it is far from the experience of those of Huawei, where some beams are in charge of checking the sound status all the time.

That said, these wireless earphones have good sound quality. Especially in the bass that, when we activate the equalizer, offers enough experience so that our favorite songs sound like never before and thus stimulate the sports practice we are doing.

We return to the unique hook of these headphones that we have to place carefully. It’s as simple as following the instructions found in the accessory box to hold the curve of the swivel hook a little and thus tighten it a little so that it fits better to the turn of the ear.
Soundcore Sport X10

In this way, we will ensure that at all times, not one iota of sound capacity is lost, and even those basses that we boast of from the analysis are always there, giving it all. If not, the bass disappears, and the mids and treble take center stage, so the experience declines.

With the headphones securely attached, the level of the bass improves enormously. For those who like to raise the sound level a little, especially when we go running to receive enough stimulation, the experience is of high quality.

The highs, mids, and lows are perceived well, and the sound appears relatively clean, so there is enough balance for all genres. In this case, we tried it with electronic music, which is scary. The technology for sound quality lies in the 10mm dynamic drivers.

Yes, it is true that in the active noise cancellation, there is some problem since, for example, we have the bass active from the equalization, and we test the ANC; in beta, the bass is distorted so that the sound experience is of low quality. We assume it has to do with ANC still being in beta and needing polish, so we’d advise turning off those two current modes and turning on bass for best sound quality while Soundcore fixes the issue; We’ve contacted Soundcore for a response explaining what’s going on with ANC mode and bass (will update post).

Design and usability
Soundcore Sport X10

Thanks to the rotating hook that each one has, these headphones make the charging case larger, and we have to maneuver them differently every time we go to store them. Logically, by having to turn the hook, we fit them into the cover, and thus they can be loaded again.

They have a well-achieved design with the accent of the red color in some small elements so that they visually attract attention. The hook is made of rubber and moves quickly, so placing it in the ear is very simple. We recommend tightening the angle surrounding the ear’s upper part to fit them as well as possible, but we will discuss this in the next section.
Soundcore Sport X10

Regarding usability, the Soundcore Sport X10 wireless earphones use a well-designed app with illustrations to make everything ideal. They also have essential extras like a widget that allows you to configure the sound activation modes and a few other things. Something like this is appreciated so that we can configure what we want quickly from the home screen of the mobile.


These wireless headphones with the swivel hook make it very clear that they are made for a type of user who practices sports or who does not want to lose any of the volume levels of the music they listen to for a second; or you operate so much with calls, that you want each of the headphones well attached.
Soundcore Sport X10

That said, it has everything you are looking for for 99 euros. Of course, we hope that the active noise cancellation mode will be solved so that equalization can be used. n and the bass sound is not distorted; something annoying if one is not attentive and does not configure the equalization.

There is a curious point that we have not commented on, and it is one of those details that add more value to the entire experience of these headphones. It has a breathing mode that helps you relax to recover your tone quickly. For the rest, the app is also well maintained and offers an optimal experience and all its options.

Soundcore Sport X10

In-calls, the Soundcore Sport X10 uses up to 6 microphones for active sound cancellation. Still, we return to what was before. If you are switching between the call experience and listening to your favorite music, be careful with the active cancellation modes to deactivate them at one time or another.

The sound quality on calls is adequate, and those six microphones work so that we are correctly heard. Now we have to wait for them to be updated, and Soundcore improves those modes so that they come out of beta, and thus, the experience is complete.

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