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SPC Zeus 4G Review

Contrary to what I usually do when I receive a new mobile, I have not analyzed this one. Voluntarily. The reason is straightforward: I’m not their target audience, and it’s not because I play a lot or take many photos.

The SPC Zeus 4G Pro is designed for those who need access to a smartphone but also for simplified actions related to its use.

My case? No, I couldn’t restore my WhatsApp backup on this phone because it’s 32 GB. But that has not made it not interesting for me, and these are the reasons.
a close case

Coincidentally, a few weeks ago, I was talking to an aunt of mine, who wanted to change her mobile, and she asked me for advice. It happens to me all the time, but the requirements, in this case, were highly particular.
SPC Zeus 4G Pro

It did not matter the camera, the screen resolution, the design, or the brand.

My aunt was clear that what mattered to her was that she could use WhatsApp, that it was not too big, that it did not weigh a lot, and that it did not cost a lot of money. As you can see, these are not the standard requirements.

And make no mistake, it’s not that my aunt doesn’t know how to use a standard mobile. She has worked for decades surrounded by computers and has been using smartphones for a long time; The point is that it is something that she does not care about. For her, the telephone is what the refrigerator is for me: a device that must fulfill her function, and that’s it.

Days later, I had the opportunity to test the SPC Zeus 4G Pro, a phone that seems designed for people like my aunt. The important thing is that it is an Android mobile, so the potential is there if we need to install a specific app or perform some configuration.

All in all, there are many reasons why this model shows that it has been designed not only to adjust the price but also to cover particular needs that most users do not have.

does not have 5G

The Zeus is a 4G mobile, as its name suggests. It does not have 5G, which is positive because it saves costs and allows a lower price, but it also consumes less battery by not having to connect to those antennas.

has FM radio

The FM radio is one of those elements we have lost in most mobile phones; even today, many people use it daily. An example is my aunt, who plays it daily at her house.

The flashlight is never enough.

And do you know what her radio also has? Yes, a flashlight, something that I have never used, and in his day-to-day, it is a very comfortable tool to avoid having to turn on lights occasionally.

Sounds that rise alone

SPC has also implemented more advanced technology in the mobile, such as the one that makes the ringtone go to maximum if there are two consecutive calls from the same number.

This is so to avoid that, after a missed call from a telephone, the fact that the volume was accidentally low is the reason why the owner of the terminal does not know that they are being called.

front keys

SPC Zeus 4G Pro

Although the Android 11 system that this device has offered SPC virtual keys, it has also placed three front keys in the lower frame of the screen. The middle one serves as a home button and the right one as a return key.

In addition, one is specially designed for calls, as in the mobiles that preceded smartphones.

Call and hang up button.

Earlier, we said that there are physical keys, which older users always like. But not only that. There is one button to start a call or to hang up, as in Nokia phones and other brands of the last century.

In addition, it is screen printed with a red and green icon that shows the classic receiver of a telephone from the 80s.

Adapted software

Although the device uses Android 11 in its simplest version, SPC has created tools that make it easier for less technologically savvy people to use the mobile.

The launcher stands out, which allows you to have large icons with direct access to contacts and specific applications. In addition, the clock widget is extensive and allows you to enter the Google Clock application.

There is even an option to control the phone’s settings straightforwardly and visually, turning Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and others off or on quickly and without any complexity.

charging cradle

Yes, a charging base, but by cable. The SPC Zeus 4G Pro has two magnetic pins on the bottom that allow you to charge the device by putting it on the charging base, as we do with mobile phones with wireless charging, but more economically.
SPC Zeus 4G Pro

This system is the one used by most brands for their smart bracelets and smartwatches.

USB-C cable

The charging dock has a USB-C port because that type of cable comes in the box. Despite being a mobile designed for the elderly, it has this port, which is appreciated.

Of course, we have carried out tests with other chargers and have seen that it does not work with all of them. With the simplest ones, with charging speeds of 5, 10, or 15 W, there are no problems, but chargers like those from OPPO or Xiaomi, 65 or 120 W, we have not been able to make it work. This will not be a significant problem for the average user, but it should be discussed.

two cameras

Most people considering buying this mobile will not be concerned about the quality of the cameras. However, it is still appreciated that there is a 13 Mpx rear, perfect for sending photos of documents or specific details via Whatsapp, where quality is not essential.

It also has a 5 Mpx front, designed almost exclusively for making video calls.

removable battery

I don’t remember when I tried a mobile with a removable battery. This may seem anachronistic and useless, but it serves as an emergency button when a user cannot restart the mobile because he does not know or because the terminal does not respond. In addition, it allows you to change the battery for another unit (if we buy it) to not depend on a charger.

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