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Social Media 55 Review

Strategy for social media marketing: step by step to success

Don’t start social media marketing without a plan. Your effort and financial investment are more likely to be rewarded if you act strategically. The following steps are recommended:

  •     Situation analysis:
  •     Do you already use social networks? How successful has your social media marketing been so far?
  •     Target setting:
  •     Do you primarily want to maintain customer relationships, increase brand awareness or acquire new customers?
  •     Target audience determination:
  •     Social media marketing can be designed very specifically for the target group. Therefore, the exact definition of the target group is a critical success factor.
  •     Competitive Analysis:
  •     How active are your direct competitors in social networks? What do you notice positively or instead negatively?
  •     Resource planning:
  •     What are human and financial resources available to you?
  •     Selection of networks:
  •     Which social media does your target group mainly use?
  •     Set up accounts:
  •     Set up the accounts once you have decided on one or more platforms.
  •     Schedule posts:
  •     Plan not only the content of your posts but also the timing of publication.
  •     Possibly place paid advertising:
  •     Advertising campaigns supplement the posting and increase your reach.
  •     Success control:
  •     There are tools you can use to monitor the success of your campaigns and optimize them.

A healthy thought-out strategy is essential for your success. But also note the tips in the following section.

Seven tips for successful work with social media

Certain factors mainly influence the success of social media marketing. This is how you can avoid mistakes and make better use of the potential of social networks right from the start:

Create content with added value:

    The content you post must provide value to your followers. They should either be highly informative or entertaining.

    Match content to the platform:

  •     When choosing the social networks, consider what you want to post. Complex topics are not suitable for Twitter, and longer texts are not ideal for Instagram.
  •     appear friendly:
  •     Always respond to comments in a friendly and factual manner, even if you are unfairly criticized.
  •     Communicate authentically:
  •     Don’t use automated or standardized wording, either in posts or in replies to comments.
  •     aiming for virality:
  •     Make some of your posts extra original. These will go viral and increase your reach many times over with a bit of luck.
  •     Post regularly:
  •     You don’t have to post daily, but regularly. Think about what rhythm your followers expect.
  •     Use hashtags:
  •     Use hashtags occasionally. This way, you get more attention.

Successful social media marketing needs experience. You also collect these by observing your campaigns and measuring their success. The following section explains how this works.

Don’t forget: measuring success in social media marketing.

Involvement in social networks does not always directly impact economic success. This often occurs later due to growing awareness and good customer loyalty. Key figures that can be used to measure concrete goals are therefore particularly suitable for measuring success:

  •     The number of followers:
  •     The number of followers is an indicator of how your reach is developing.
  •     Interaction rate:
  •     This shows how often your posts are liked, shared, and commented on, i.e., how actively your followers deal with them.
  •     virality rate:
  •     This is all about sharing. Posts with high viral rates increase awareness of your brand.
  •     Post reach:

Know-how: The perfect social media appearance

The right mix is essential for an effective and sustainable appearance on social media. Your prospects and customers do not only want to be informed about products and services. On the contrary, too much self-marketing causes you to scare off interested users in many cases.

We are constantly asked which companies’ social media is suitable. The answer is for anyone who has the time and budget to update their social media presence with fresh content regularly because nothing is worse for companies than an orphaned social media presence with only a few followers and hardly any interactions. As everywhere in online marketing, a long-term and continuous self-commitment is the only way to success in SMM.

Social Media 55 Review

What Is Social Media 55?

 Social Media 55 describes itself as a digital marketing and social media management agency. They are experts at targeting digital marketing efforts to deliver results to their clients.

You have realized that social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools today and offers the opportunity to communicate with a target group in real-time. The challenge for some do-it-yourself businesses is the ability to develop and maintain these channels.

The Social Media 55 social media solutions are suitable for businesses of all sizes. The “a la carte” options maximize your customers’ ability to communicate with their target audience.

They break down their social media marketing services into:

  •     Influencer Marketing
  •     Social Media Management
  •     Social media advertising – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, SnapChat, and YouTube
  •     SnapChat Marketing
  •     Facebook marketing

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