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If you want to use social media marketing as a marketing tool, you should take a closer look at the following networks or platforms:

Social Media Marketing with Facebook

The largest social network of all time seems to be gradually losing popularity. Young people born after 2000 are less and less likely to register on Facebook or use the web regularly. Nevertheless, no social network is used as much as Facebook. It also offers (even actively) the opportunity to act as an advertising platform.

Namely, it is possible to “promote” posts, increasing the number of views depending on the invested budget. Also, Facebook provides free stats on how many people like the page, what posts have been viewed and how many times, etc.

In the meantime, the company page can even be extensively configured by yourself. For example, a call-to-action (i.e., a request for action) can be readily displayed in the form of a button on the page.

Social Media Marketing with Twitter

Compared to Facebook, Twitter offers significantly fewer opportunities to place cheap advertising. Also, it’s not quite as popular in Europe as it is in the United States.

Marketing on Twitter is significantly more expensive than on Facebook. Twitter makes this possible through so-called “sponsored tweets.”

If you want to increase your reach more cheaply or even without a budget, you have to pick up your target group yourself. That means retweeting as much as possible (keyword “viral marketing”). This requires a high level of activity and, therefore, a lot of time.

Social Media Marketing with Instagram

Like Twitter, Instagram has a follow system. Instagram also allows you to see other users’ content without having “added” them beforehand. On the one hand, this means that followers can be generated quickly, but one click is also enough to stop following a user.

Therefore, all actions should be carried out with care: Post relevant content regularly, but do not flood your followers with useless information. Interact with posts from other users (companies?) and, in return, ask your followers to interact with your posts (“… tag someone who might have said that.”).

In any case, link your company/your landing page in your bio (= profile).

Social Media Marketing with Snapchat

Snapchat is a slightly different network on this list. Like Instagram, Snapchat thrives on images and videos. However, there are no public discussions, and the photos disappear in a maximum of 10 seconds after opening.

Nevertheless, Snapchat has potential as a marketing tool! The target group should be 16-24 years old. Snapchat makes it possible to set a so-called geofilter. This determines where the “snaps” are displayed to the user. In addition, it is possible to display the company logo – which Snapchat, however, can be paid for.

Snapchat offers a way to contact young people easilye. A short, “unprofessional” unboxing video is significantly cheaper than an expensively produced product video – but it has its charm. To maintain contacts permanently, one should consider taking measures such as competitions or similar.

Social media marketing with Xing

Xing is a so-called business network. Unlike the previous platforms, it is less about social contacts and more about communicating vacancies, news from your industry, and events such as trade fairs, seminars, etc.

So if you want to use Xing as a marketing platform, you are primarily looking for business contacts (B2B) and not end consumers (B2C) of products.

The company’s dissemination of events, etc., takes place, for example – in the spirit of viral marketing – by individual employees via the recommendation function.

Social Media Marketing with Youtube

Youtube is the “one and only” video platform. No other portal can even boast a similar number of users or anywhere near as much video material as YouTube.

To do marketing with Youtube, you should set up your channel conscientiously. Connect and link your other social networks and your homepage.

Also, be advised to use eye-catching video thumbnails and titles! Unfortunately, the best video has no effect if it is not clicked on.

Also, get in touch with your users. Asks you to comment and join in the discussion yourself in the comments.

Important: To get your posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube to the man, take the time to use meaningful tags or hashtags. So you not only reach “any” user but exactly your target group!

What Is Promoneum?

Promoneum specializes in ROI-driven digital marketing, powered by data and executed on strategies developed over years of experience. Promoneum knows how to work with people. You don’t just want to work with everyone. You want to work with the right people. This allows them to deliver their clients the best digital marketing results they can.

The agency specializes in performance-first search engine marketing, paid social, and search engine optimization. These ROI-driven digital marketing efforts are powered by extensive data and executed based on strategies developed over years of digital marketing experience. When creating PPC/SEM, Paid Social, and SEO campaigns, they have one goal: growing their clients’ businesses.

How does Promoneum create bespoke digital strategies unique to your business? You do it in three steps:

  •     Identify First – In a series of strategy calls, they ask a series of calculated questions to understand your trade and current bottlenecks.
  •     Create a plan – After the strategy talks, Promoneum will conduct an in-depth analysis of your existing account, find new opportunities using third-party tools and leverage our expertise in paid media and search engine optimization.
  •     Finally, create and optimize reports – We make fully customized real-time PPC, Paid Social, and SEO accounts directly related to your business. We start with messages that offer complete transparency on our performance.

What does all this add up to? A fully customized PPC, Paid Social or SEO strategy tailored to your business.

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