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With its ENCO X2, OPPO takes the user to a design identical to the new Huawei Freebuds Pro 2. They have that particular shape with the projection outside the ear cavity, so they always remain firm with an adequate sound level.

The truth is that these brands make it very difficult for us to differentiate themselves in some aspects. In this case, OPPO plays gestures with those pinches to control the headphones, play music, or even stop an incoming call.

Design and usability

As we have mentioned, the new OPPO ENCO 2X follows the pattern devised by other brands. We have taken the new Huawei Freebuds Pro 2 as a reference to clarify that this design offers the feeling of not isolating us so much from the madding crowd. Contrary to what can happen with the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 headphones, they are committed to another way of understanding design.

This design of the ENCO 2X allows them to be held well enough, although sometimes it gives the feeling that they could fall, which is just a feeling. Perhaps the user from the Samsung type will find it more challenging to get used to this design that does not isolate as much but allows you to be more attentive to the environment where you move.
The Hey Melody app to manage them

Regarding usability, we follow the guidelines of other brands with our own application to manage all the experiences it offers and a series of gestures characterized by the pinches that have to be given.

That said, these pinches are sometimes hard to get hold of, and when you’ve called used to the gestures above the outside of the headset, changing this action takes a bit of time. We will have to bet on the progress and evolution that seems to be going towards using these pinches to handle OPPO headphones.


The same can be said for calls with active sound cancellation that can also be applied from the Hey Melody app. Thanks to the two microphones, a careful experience is offered so that the recipient of the call can hear us perfectly.


Having Bluetooth 5.2 also plays in its favor for connectivity, and there is no interference, or the connection is lost at some point.


A point in favor of the OPPO ENCO 2X wireless headphones is the ultra-fast charging so that with only two minutes, you can enjoy up to two hours of playback.

In total, with the charging case, up to 40 hours of playback is offered, so in this aspect, they also point out ways to be leading and premium headphones.

sound quality

For sound quality, we must go to the technology OPPO brings with its new ENCO 2X. Firstly, it has a Super Dynamic Balance Enhanced Engine acoustic system so that the sound comes out as clean as possible and thus can differentiate the highs, mids, and lows.

The bass rests on a unit of 0.0095 that lends itself to giving that bass for specific musical genres to offer a better experience. Electronic music is one of them. Also, the LHDC 4.0 audio codec and the ENCO 2X can boast Hi-Red Audio Wireless certification for a quality audio experience.

They have not disappointed us and sound pretty good with powerful bass and cleanliness in the different sound sources. The sound optimization by Dynaudio is present (with three modes to define the ideal equalization), and we are left with electronic music and those basses that can even sound too loud; we will always have the possibility to reduce the volume.


OPPO ENCO 2X headphones play in the premium league, priced at 179 euros. Of course, they compete against other headphones from other brands, but with how well the brand is doing in Spain, it is the desired product.

We also highlight the 45dB active noise cancellation so that we can achieve it in those desired moments of isolation thanks to it. Also, pay attention to the automatic mode of switching to transparency when the headphones recognize that you are talking to a nearby person so that the audio appears more transparent.


 Noise cancellation for the microphone.
 Super Dynamic Balance Enhanced Engine acoustic system.
 Hi-Res Audio Wireless Certification.
 LHDC 4.0 High Definition Audio Codec.
 0.0095mm thick bass unit.
 IP54 certification.


 Bluetooth 5.2.
 10m connectivity radius.

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