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Eksa Air Joy Pro Review

They are headphones with 7.1 high-definition sound that you can buy for $39.99 (approximately 40 euros). Therefore, I will value and give my opinion on these headphones, considering their adjusted price.

The headphones come in a black box with the brand and model on the top of the box. On the back and the sides are the features and specifications of these Air Joy Pro, in addition to the compatibility they offer with the game consoles on the market. Inside the box is a vast, apparently good-quality, padded bag for carrying the headphones. It also comes with a 3.5mm Jack attachable microphone, a 1.8 meter long USB Type C to 3.5mm audio jack cable to connect it to the headphone output of your computer, another USB type C to USB audio cable of 1.8 meters, a 3.5mm Jack cable extender and an instruction manual in English, German and Japanese.

I did not expect them to come with so many accessories and adapters. In fact, for the price they have, I did not expect them to have USB type C either. I think the pack is complete, now, we can only hope that the sound does not disappoint. If you want to know, you have to keep reading.

Design and Screen

These Eksa Air Joy Pro headband headphones have a finish with a reasonably aggressive “gaming” aesthetic. They are headphones with a simple construction design made of black plastic and red motifs and details. In addition, it incorporates red LED lights on the part of the speakers.

These headphones have a very light weight of only 162 grams. Its dimensions are pretty restrained, and they are not very bulky headphones. The headband is 8.3 mm thick and 16 mm wide and has a small, thin pad on top to make it as comfortable as possible. However, this upper part resembles leather, and due to its low price, it will be made of another synthetic material.

Like most headphones of this type, it mounts an adjustable system for the head, adding 60 mm of the headband (30 mm on each side). These are made of metal with a red plastic strip that gives them greater rigidity without the need to increase their weight.

On the upper outer part of each side, a couple of letters are written in relief. This will indicate which headset is for the left side “L” (Left) or the right side “R” (Right). The brand’s logo is a little further down and written in silver letters.

Inside the headbands are the European conformity seals, FCC, and the model name (Air Joy Pro).

The part that joins the speakers with the headband has a hinge that provides a 90º movement to place comfortably and efficiently on the neck.

The speakers have a drawing as if it were a claw made by an animal in red. In addition, on the part of the right earphone, there is an inscription that says “Just joy,” and on the left earphone, another similar description that says “no burden.” I interpret the message as that they do not require a previous charge to be able to enjoy these headphones. I’ll get into it later.

Both headphones have four vertical LED bars, which light red when connected to a game console or computer via USB cable. These LED lights will not light up if we connect them to a Smartphone or any device through the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The left earphone also has the 3.5mm Jack to connect the microphone, followed by the USB type C audio port, a roulette to adjust the volume, and a button to mute the microphone.

The rear part has a reasonably comfortable pad made of mesh fabric. It isolates quiet sound from ambient noise and provides good ergonomics to the ear.


These headphones from the manufacturer Eksa are multiplatform; you can use them comfortably and without the need for initial configuration on any device, whether it is a video console such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Smartphone, Tablets (Android and iOS), and computers.

The advantage of these Air Joy Pro headphones is that you can get immersive 7.1 high-definition sound by connecting it to a Windows PC through the USB connection and Elsa’s configuration program. This 7.1 sound will go through 8 audio tracks to provide surround and stereo sound, thus enhancing the reality of the video game or cinema. In this way and virtually, these eight audio signals are assigned to 8 virtual speakers. After going through an HRTF algorithm, it simulates being in a room with seven speakers and a subwoofer.


These Eksa Air Joy Pro do not have any battery. All we have to do is plug them into the device we want to use, either with the 3.5mm Jack cable or the USB cable, for them to start working.

At this point, I want to remind you that for the LED lights to work, you have to connect them through the included USB cable and not the 3.5mm Jack.

These Eksa Air Joy Pro headphones are an accessory that impressed me for their reasonable price and lightness. They weigh only 162 grams, making them very comfortable for long gaming sessions or when we want to enjoy a movie.

Indeed the materials and construction are not the most premia we can find on the market. However, we must remember that they are headband headphones that we can find for around 40 euros and are more than enough.

The program that Eksa has for Windows computers has some shortcomings, and the manufacturer should do a little more on his part and gradually improve it. In addition, thanks to this software, these headphones provide 7.1 stereos and surround sound.

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