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Nokia G20 Review

Nokia G20 review.

"It is a mobile that responds well in any situation and ensures that it is ready for use for at least a couple more years."


5,000 mAh battery
Large-format screen
Two-year software updates


10-watt fast charge
The display does not stand out for its contrast or vivid colors.

The Nokia G series is intended to provide a “perfect” balance between quality and price, especially when it comes to performance and features, according to HMD Global. Does the Nokia G20 meet this condition? We have the first impressions with this phone that was recently presented in Mexico to answer this question.

It is a large format smartphone, as its screen is 6.5 inches with HD + resolution. It seems that this size is becoming an industry standard, as is the resolution for entry phones in the mid-range.

In hand, the phone feels comfortable, even when used without the transparent cover included in the box, thanks to its polymer cover with a 3D texture (its frame is metallic).

And since we are talking about its back, the circular module that houses the quad-camera composed of a 48 MP main sensor, 5 MP wide-angle, 2 MP macro, and 2 MP depth stands out. The buttons on the right side allow you to control the volume and turn on the unit (the latter also incorporates the fingerprint sensor, which response well in most cases).

Nokia did not seem to want to waste the left side either, so it incorporated a button to activate the Google Assistant. Finally, the 3.5 mm headphone jack is at the top, while at the bottom are the USB-C charging port and a single audio channel.

Entertainment and performance

Being a cell phone with HD + resolution (1,600 x 720 pixels). The manufacturer also does not specify the update rate of the unit. Either way, that’s not to say that the Nokia G20 doesn’t give a satisfying experience when viewing streaming content or Instagram photos.
Nokia G20

Being able to watch a complete movie with an optimal brightness level is also due to the good work done in performance. Thus, the mobile incorporates the MediaTek G35 processor and 4 GB RAM, enough to fluently run the preferred entertainment and productivity applications.

The internal storage of 128 GB is also appreciated – expandable up to 512 GB – to save the content generated from the phone or the series and movies that you decide to see without using the network connection.

People may indeed have a smartphone that will run smoothly for months, even years, with these features. Added to this is that HMD Global promises up to two operating system updates and three years of security patches.

By the way, the Nokia G20 incorporates Android 11 from the factory in a “pure” state, that is, without any layer of customization, which will delight more than one, especially since it will not have unnecessary apps that only take up space.

Regarding its autonomy, it is true that it can provide more than two days of performance thanks to its 5,000 mAh battery. However, the problem comes when charging it: the smartphone takes about 180 minutes to go from 15 to 100 percent of its capacity.
How does it compete with other cell phones?

The Nokia G20 is priced at 5,759 pesos for the Mexican market, which could be considered affordable. Although, when compared to the Moto G30, for example, it may not be so well stopped.

Nokia G20

Although they are the same size, the Motorola phone incorporates differentiators such as a lower price (5,000 pesos), 90 Hz refresh rate, 64-megapixel main camera, and 20-watt charge for a 5,000 mAh battery.

So perhaps HMD Global could have integrated the odd badge into the G20 so as not to fall short of its closest competitors.

It is true; what makes it attractive is the promise of two years of software updates and the fact of having the Nokia seal, which for many continues to be a certainty of quality.

The Nokia G20 is a cell phone that seems ideal for those looking to go up from the low to the average range without spending so much money. It is a mobile that responds well in any situation and ensures that it is ready for use for at least a couple of more years.

The charge of only 10 watts is still a lack. However, it is compensated by that large 5,000 mAh battery for a range of at least two days.

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