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Medion Erazer Beast X30 Review

The Medion Erazer Beast X30, a good gaming laptop with a slim design, saves powerful external elements to offer a more discreet appearance where special attention has been paid to the raw material.

The Medion Erazer Beast X30 is a gaming laptop to boast a large diagonal in little space and weight, not to attract attention.

The casing of the new Medion Erazer may be too sober for some potential users. It’s not your team if you want attention. The case, made of magnesium alloy, is entirely black, with a matte finish, and only a tiny strip of LEDs is allowed to be licensed on the front of the lower case. It is well finished with predominantly smooth lines and an exquisite feel.

However, the Medion Erazer Beast X30 is your laptop if you want a machine with a large screen (17 inches) with very little weight. We are talking about 2.2 kg, quite an achievement for this size of the gaming laptop. Also, the 26 mm thickness is a very positive highlight for this type of powerful gaming notebook.

There are two more elements to comment on the design: the hinge, which is robust but allows an opening that does not go much beyond 120 degrees, as well as the power button, located together with the charge status, LED just above the keyboard and very accessible.

One button to turn on/off and one to switch power modes.

It should also be noted that after that button, we have a specific one to switch between the operating modes of the equipment and not necessarily have to go through the company’s control software.

Well connected for what you need.

As a good 17-inch laptop, connectivity is one of the strengths of the Medion Erazer Beast X30. We have numerous ports distributed both on the sides and on the back of the equipment.

Right in that back part, we find the most focused connectivity in the possible video outputs of the equipment, with an HDMI 2.1 port and the only USB-C port of the laptop, Thunderbolt 4. We also have the Ethernet port (and proprietary power input) in that back part.

An RTX 3070 Ti in search of balance

We are based on a Core i7-12700H and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti. The RAM is 32 GB DDR5 at 4800 MHz, combined with a 1 TB PCIe Gen 4×4 SSD, which has offered us a good performance in our tests, although far from the best we have tested this year:

Crystal disk Medion

As for the raw power of the processor, the excellent performance is also as expected from its datasheet. All the tests are carried out under the most powerful profile, in this case, called Turbo. Two others are available: Game and Office.
Cinebnech Medion

In Cinebench R20, we scored over 7,000 points, while in Cinebench R23, it exceeded 17,000 points in the multi-core test and 1,400 issues in the single.
The Medion Erazer Beast X30 is a gaming laptop that gets the most out of its hardware.

If we compare the same tests carried out on the latest gaming laptops in Xataka, this Medion surpasses all the others, whether with the same Intel Core i7 or with the superior Core i9.

In the graphic section, the excellent performance of the hardware of this equipment is maintained, always in Turbo mode. In the test that we take as a reference for our tests, 3DMark Fire Strike, this Medion Erazer Beast X30 comfortably exceeds laptops with the same processor and graphics that we have tested this year:

If we go on to play with the Medion Erazer Beast X30, we find excellent use of the hardware components of the equipment again. This laptop again outperforms equivalents from other brands in the comparison we made with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, reaching 127 fps with FullHD resolution and maximum graphics quality.

QHD display at 165Hz

With well-balanced technical specifications and already quite personal design decisions, the screen is one of the critical elements to make a difference in a gaming laptop today.

The Medion Erazer Beast X30 offers a single solution at the screen level: an IPS panel with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels at 165 Hz. It is, for now, ra, the only version available in Spain.
The Medion Erazer Beast X30 screen is adjusted to its price: 165 Hz panel, matte finish, and QHD resolution.

The panel, with a contrast of 1200:1 and just over 350 nits of brightness, has a matte finish and is perfectly adjusted for tasks of all kinds, with the correct pixel density, intelligence, and response time. It is a screen with 100% coverage of the sRGB color space, so it is intended more for general tasks than those that require high fidelity in color reproduction.

The diagonal, although it may not seem so due to the general size of the equipment, is 17.3 inches, ideal for a gaming laptop that we do not want to use with an external screen, and its relatively small frames must be highlighted, especially on the sides and upper edge.

As we will see later, the sound section when we are playing is the least important in this equipment because, when we want to get the most out of its hardware, the noise of the fans is tremendously high.

We are talking about two main speakers located in the lower part of the case, with a reasonably discreet sound (flat and not excessively powerful) if we consider what we have found in this type of range of gaming laptops. It is a point that Medion must improve a lot.

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