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Media Bounty Review

How to measure success on social media

Metrics and Rating

The previously defined goal is decisive when evaluating the success of social media marketing. If you want to increase the sale of a product, you will notice the victory in the sales figures. If you want to increase brand awareness or create a positive image, social media will provide you with key statistics that you can interpret correctly.

You achieve a high reach with your measures by continuously increasing the number of followers on the Facebook page. High values ​​for likes or shares indicate that customers and fans have a positive attitude towards your brand (like) and are happy to share this emotion with their network (percentage). In addition, platforms like Google, Facebook, or Youtube provide detailed figures on how many people see your brand, how many minutes a video was watched, or how often a link was clicked.

The costs for social marketing can be planned

What does social media marketing cost?

Costs arise, for example, when creating suitable content such as text, images, and videos. An agency like an alto. Supports you with essential questions and advises you on implementing your social media marketing. In the end, platforms such as Google, Facebook, or YouTube can be used to spread their own social media strategy with more reach with an advertising budget.

Both cost items are individually scalable so that no specific figures can be given in advance. Platforms like Facebook, for example, provide a forecast of how many people can theoretically be reached with the advertising content per euro spent.

stay in control

Social media marketing offers a cost advantage since you can control the distribution of the advertising budget for your company yourself. Unlike in traditional marketing, intermediate steps and cost-intensive intermediaries are avoided.

Social Media Marketing: The most critical questions at a glance

Almost every company benefits from social media marketing. It is an essential supplement to classic marketing measures. The following questions give you a rough idea of ​​what this is all about:

  •     What is meant by social media?
  •     These are virtual platforms on the web through which members can present themselves and network with one another.
  •     What are the most popular social media?
  •     Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter are the networks with the most active users worldwide.
  •     What is social media marketing?
  •     This includes all paid and unpaid marketing efforts that run through social media.
  •     What is social media marketing good for?
  •     The main goals are branding, increasing brand awareness, acquiring new customers, and retaining customers.

Statistics show how important social media is in everyday life. Learn more about this and the specifics of each network in the next section.

Facts & Figures: Social Media & the most important channels

Statistics show how strong social networks are and how they are mainly used. Here are some examples of the figures published by Statista:

  •     89% of 16 to 24-year-olds and and 22% of over 65-year-olds in Germany use social media.
  •     34.9% of German Internet users are regularly active on social media with mobile devices.
  •     Average daily time spent on social networks (Germany): 64 minutes
  •     Facebook’s global market share (by pageviews): 67.73%

the following social media are of the most significant importance:

  •     Facebook
  •     YouTube
  •     Instagram
  •     Twitter
  •     Pinterest
  •     LinkedIn
  •     Snapchat
Media Bounty Review

What Is Media Bounty?

Media Bounty is a startup that prides itself on making decisions that drive long-term growth through profound insights into online media.

Their behavioral economics platform helps companies tell their brand story, showcase their products, create brand awareness, etc.

This is a reputable agency trusted by brands and marketers worldwide. They were finalists at The Drum Business Awards 2019.

They handle all aspects of your social media marketing, including strategy development, content creation, and promotion.

Here are some of the primary services:

  •     Strategy – You start by creating your social media marketing strategy.
  •     Creative – Then, they create content for your brand.
  •     Media – They also handle content distribution and advertising.
  •     Insights – Finally, they provide insights into how your campaign is performing.

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