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Your customers and those who want to become one are looking for you and your company on the Internet. What matters is what you find there. Because in addition to the classic search on Google and Co., 95 percent of people in Germany used a social network such as Facebook or YouTube last year – and also found companies, products, and services there. Ideally, your brand should also appear. If not, we will explain to you briefly and concisely why and how you can change that with social media marketing.

What is social media marketing?

Social media are so-called because these Internet platforms are essentially based on the communication of social groups and individuals. People enter into dialogue with each other, write short public messages and share photos and videos with friends or an audience of millions. This audience of millions is also engaging for companies; social media and networks make it possible with simple means to play out advertising within social media marketing.

However, the platforms offer more effective tools to reach a larger public. The range of social media marketing is correspondingly complex and makes classification necessary. A comparison with traditional marketing, for example, in newspapers or posters, serves as an aid.

Social media marketing is different – but why?

However, social media marketing is also the transmission of a message when marketing on social media. Unlike the platforms from traditional marketing, however, social media offer a communicative feedback channel.

What remains of the message

After recording the advertising message, the recipient can also process it by replying in the form of a comment, a letter, or a virtual reaction. But he can also take it up himself and spread it in his environment, turning the recipient into an advertising medium.

The advertising measure is no longer behind a closed shop window but appears as an interactive area in its own right. As a result of this communication, the message’s recipient also spreads it further. As a result, social media marketing as a tool of advertising technology is correspondingly more complex but more intensive in its effect and, in selected cases, more effective.

What does social media marketing bring me?

Due to the complex communication structure, the most significant criticism of social media marketing is that user reactions to the advertising measure do not immediately lead to an impulse to buy. Marketing on social media platforms is particularly suitable for branding and customer care.

The fact that companies worldwide invested almost 100 billion US dollars of their advertising budgets in social media in 2020 alone speaks against any criticism. Despite the complex planning, the positive effects of social media marketing outweigh the negative.

Interactive and social

When implementing advertising measures, companies rely on interaction and customer loyalty. Instead of just being the message’s recipients, potential customers become fans and pass on the advertising message independently, interact, communicate and participate in the social media campaign. 

The challenge in online marketing

With excellent technical effort, the social networks regulate and control content distribution. Advertising content, in particular, is monitored and checked. In addition to the prior definition of a goal, part of successful online marketing is the precise planning of content optimally circumvent these technical restrictions.

Through a prepared selection of content, an extensive reach of one’s advertising message can be generated organically, i.e., without advertising investments within the social networks. In addition, platforms such as Facebook offer their tools to use advertising budgets to control and expand content distribution within the channels.

Advantage: Target groups that you have previously defined can be addressed individually. In addition, advertisers receive actionable figures and data during the campaign.

Convertiv Review

What Is Convertiv? 

This digital marketing agency offers social media, paid marketing, and a few other services. The team consists of social media specialists who can help you build your social media presence from the ground up.

They claim they offer twice the engagement to their customers than the industry standard.

These are some of the social media services they offer:

  •      strategy
  •      brand management
  •      Content development, creative and editorial strategy
  •      community management
  •      Social CRM

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