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Is social media marketing for me?

Customers and target groups of many companies are already using social networks millions of times. In principle, social media marketing is suitable for effective online marketing for every brand, industry, and product. This is always based on the definition of an advertising goal.

The question of what and, above all, who is to be achieved determines the appropriate measures, the content, and the formats used in social media. It is statistically confirmed that the users of the social networks and thus also your target group are looking for you there. The decisive factor is that you can also be found there – in the way you want it to be.

Good partners at the side

Unlike in traditional media, the control of this external presentation in social media is entirely in your hands. The decisive factor here is your company’s regular and frequent production with changing forms and activities. Nevertheless, you can look for support in the form of agencies and consultants who will work with you to answer the question of the advertising goal and suitable measures. Because in social media marketing, details such as language optimized for search engines or avoiding duplicate content also need to be considered.

With a digital agency like an alto.

Alto. Has been the digital agency for medium-sized companies for more than 20 years and is at your side with questions about an effective external presentation on social media and the link to your existing or new website. Together we will find connection solutions to make further decisions based on data and facts, further increasing success.

This is how social media marketing works.

As with any advertising measure, a company must first formulate corresponding goals that it wants to achieve with social media marketing. Knowing how a social media platform works and, above all, how your potential customers use it helps to use social media marketing effectively.

In principle, it is possible through a campaign on social media.

    Increase the number of clicks on your platforms, e.g., website or shop, and optimize the conversion rate by turning visitors to the platforms into customers. raise the awareness of a brand or a product, enter into dialogue with customers and the target group, collect feedback and disseminate information charge the identity of a brand with positive emotions

Anyone who advertises on social media always does so using multimedia. Unlike classic platforms such as newspapers, TV, or posters, social media marketing relies on texts, images, videos, and pure audio. This means that all previously found formats in different places can be found in one place. Combining several media formats such as video, text, and images is also possible, famous, and successful.

How do I advertise on social media?

Concrete examples of successful online marketing within social networks are short videos presenting a product or showing how it is made. Posts on Facebook with meaningful and self-created pictures call for feedback or share your ideas about using the product with the community. Short video clips and photos from everyday company life often create a special closeness between the brand and the customer. The recipients of the advertising message are consistently encouraged and encouraged to participate and discuss.

Since in social media, and thus also in social media marketing, the focus is on cooperation, and a successful strategy also depends on these mechanisms. Ideally, you always tell a story through your communication on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. This can be a use case of your product, the positive effect of your brand, or the (intermediate) result of your work. Avoid long texts or language that is very specific or explicitly aimed at experts.

The appropriate social media strategy

This content does not always appear to have been professionally produced but recorded with a mobile phone and discussed spontaneously. Photos also act as snapshots “out of the situation.” Depending on your goals within the social media campaign, this is even expressly desired to give the impression of being personally responsible for the content and not involving a professional production company. In the process, numerous forms of representation are developed.

With a targeted message and defined topics, customers and their target group can be called upon to publish their photos or videos about the brand or a product on their platforms and refer to them. This is how the customer becomes an advertising medium in social media. At the same time, he identifies with brands and products.

BornSocial Review

What Is BornSocial?

 This UK-based agency has experience working with both startups and established brands. No matter your marketing goals, they can help you achieve them.

This full-service agency plans executes, and analyzes social media campaigns from start to finish. Some of the brands they have worked with are Kiehl’s, Tinder, and Veet.

They have run successful campaigns and won multiple awards, including The Drum DADI Awards for 2017.

Their services cover the following aspects of social media marketing:

  •      strategy
  •      creativity
  •      media
  •      management

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