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Amazfit Gtr 3 Pro 3 Review

After launching a huge number of smartwatches in the past generation (GTR / S 2, GTS 2 mini, and GTR / S 2e, if we don’t forget some), Amazfit (Zepp company, formerly known as Huami) returned to the fray this week to launch nothing more and nothing less than three smartwatches: the GTR 3, GTS 3 and GTR 3 Pro, the latter being the most powerful and complete.

This is precisely the one that concerns us today since, in Engadget, we have had the opportunity to test it long and hard to bring this, its analysis. The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is the most interesting watch the company has released to date, and as such, it has an uphill mission to set the bar high. How is it behaving? What does the device offer? Let’s see it.

Design: perfectly finished (and that crown …)
Amazfit Gtr 3 Pro 18

We begin, how could it be otherwise, talking about design. The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is a watch made of aluminum whose case is 46 millimeters. It is, therefore, a large watch that will not sit well on smaller wrists. Suppose our doll is not large or medium, better to look for another alternative. The finish is good and premium to the touch, although not as much as other watches that, it is said, are somewhat more expensive.

It is not particularly thick, just 11 millimeters. It is not heavy either, as it weighs 32 grams. It is a watch that feels good on the wrist, how to wear and that we will hardly notice that we are wearing it. It’s certainly nice, although I like that watches weigh a little bit. In any case, it is a matter of taste.
The watch is light and relatively thin, so it is hardly noticeable that we are wearing it.

On the right side, we have two buttons, both customizable. The upper one, also a rotating crown, serves to open the list of applications and if we leave it pressed, open the app we want. As a personal recommendation, the most useful thing is to configure the long press to launch Alexa, but a matter of taste. The upper one is configured by default to open the training app, but it can be changed to anything else.

The buttons have a good route and click a little more than necessary. The most striking is the upper one which, as we said, is also a rotating crown. The button is engraved to make it easier to locate and turn with dirty hands. By turning the crown, we can scroll through the menus while the watch returns feedback in the form of vibration. It’s nice, it works very well, and it’s appreciated that Amazfit has implemented it.

On the right side, we have the microphones, which we will use to answer calls or record voice notes, and on the left side, we have the speaker, which we will use to answer calls or listen to music. We will return to this later. In short, it is a well-finished, simple and functional watch. It does not have great boasts, but neither is it missing more.

Amazfit Gtr 3 Pro 3 Review

At the bottom, we have the BioTracker 3.0 sensor, a sensor with six photodiodes and two LEDs that will help us record health metrics. Next to it, the two charging pins that we will have to fit into the base to recharge the watch’s battery. All this will be detailed in greater depth in the corresponding sections.

If we talk about the strap, the model we have tested has a black fluoroelastomer (a.k.a. silicone) strap. It is soft, rubbery, pleasant to the touch, and one of the best that we have had the opportunity to try on an Amazfit watch. It is not the best on the market, without a doubt, but it is a good strap. In any case, for those who want to change it, calm down because it can be done.

The strap is 22 millimeters and uses a standard coupling, so the strap can be exchanged for any other that we have at home, as long as it is of the same measurements. The closure is a conventional buckle and has not given the slightest problem during the analysis.
Screen: one of the largest that we can find
Amazfit Gtr 3 Pro 5

Now that we know the clock on the outside. Let’s see what its screen offers us. It is, without a doubt, one of the most striking points of the watch as it is one of the largest screens that we have found in a circular watch. It is still smaller than the Amazfit GTS 3, which reaches almost two inches, but it is a huge screen.

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro mounts a 1.45-inch AMOLED panel with 480 x 480 pixels of resolution, one of the highest we have seen to date. That translates to 331 pixels per inch, an outstanding density that makes seeing a pixel nearly impossible at a safe distance. The glass is tempered and has anti-fingerprint protection that, frankly, I wish it worked a little better.
Amazfit Gtr 3 Pro 12

The glass edges are slightly curved, thus offering a more immersive experience and the occasional unwanted reflection. It is not something eager ado, but it does not hurt to comment. The panel takes advantage of the front relatively well, just over 70%, according to Amazfit, but it still has frames. It is normal, all watches have them, but I still want to see an Amazfit watch that is all screen.

Now, let it be said: the screen is AMOLED, and the blacks are completely black, so the frames, even being there, are quite well hidden. And yes, this is getting a bit fussy, but we are not talking about a 100 euro watch, but a device that aims to compete against the high-end of the rest of the manufacturers.
Amazfit Gtr 3 Pro 10

Something that I liked is that it has automatic brightness. It may seem silly, but it is not at all. Not all watches have it, and when that happens, you miss it. The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro, however, does feature this technology, and it works very well. The brightness adapts quickly when the light in our surroundings changes, and the visibility in broad daylight is exquisite—no problems in this aspect.

The display, unsurprisingly, can be awakened by flicking the wrist or by pressing one of the two buttons. The gesture works well and is what I recommend using. Now, personal advice: schedule it. It is not pleasant to go to bed with the clock and the screen waking us up because we have moved. From the settings, it can be programmed so that the gesture works between certain hours, and it is something to which it is convenient to spend a few minutes.

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