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Socialistics Review

Strategy 1: Content Marketing Posts

Inspire your followers with high-quality content and do professional content marketing. Whether it’s specialist information, videos, or podcasts, whatever offers visitors to your profile added value is often viewed and shared.

For example, a garden center can regularly publish gardening tips on its own YouTube channel. Or an IT company makes white papers available for download on the website and links them to social media. Excellent content can go viral and increase the number of your followers.

Strategy 2: Sweepstakes

With free sweepstakes on social media, you can quickly increase the number of your followers. This is especially true if liking the page is part of the game terms. Please note the legal framework here.

Sweepstakes also increase interaction in general and thus promote interest in your brand. Depending on the game’s design, it is possible to generate leads if it is necessary to provide contact details.

Strategy 3: Ask me anything

With the AMA method, you or employees of your company answer questions from your followers. Above all, this method strengthens the interaction rate and customer loyalty.

The questions can be answered in a live chat or live stream and with questions sent in advance. These are then answered in a recorded video or podcast or simply by written text on the social media site.

Strategy 4: Passion Pages

Passion Pages are social media profiles with a company behind them, but this is not immediately apparent. For this reason, these pages are not primarily perceived as advertising company pages and are accepted more quickly by many users.

If the profile stands out from others with high-quality, entertaining, or particularly original content, the chances of new followers are high. Only the branding effect, i.e., increased brand awareness, takes a back seat.

The pages usually relate to a specific topic, making it possible to address interested parties appropriately for the target group. For example, a triathlon equipment supplier can create a triathlon-themed page.

Strategy 5: Use animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are very widely shared on social networks. If you occasionally publish a self-made GIF where you also place your brand, you can achieve a high degree of virality and promote the branding effect.

GIFs that express emotions are favorable. Some even allow for playful interactions, e.g., B. should be stopped at a particular moment.

Social media marketing via paid ads

In addition to measures for organic growth, paid advertising on the platforms is also part of social media marketing. Social networks offer excellent opportunities for this.

Benefits and goals of social media advertising

The extent to which social media advertising is worthwhile for your company depends on your individual goals and the situation. The following points speak in favor of this:

  •     Exact target group-oriented addressing through analysis of extensive data
  •     Additional personalization options for advertising through the evaluation of cookies (retargeting or remarketing)
  •     the quick increase in range possible, e.g., B. to push new profiles, product launches, or special offers
  •     Better perception of the advertising than with classic advertising media due to more active users
  •     can be used both to acquire new customers and to retain customers
  •     Advertising opportunities for every size of the company
  •     easy to implement and control via the account

Benefits always come with costs. Find out what these depend on in the following section.

Cost of advertising on social media

There are different billing methods for the costs. Price per click (CPC) is typical, with which you only incur costs when someone clicks on your ad.

There is no fixed price for this on Facebook. Instead, you enter a maximum bid. The advertisement with the highest offers matches the criteria displayed in the advertising space because an algorithm simulates an auction process in the shortest possible time (real-time bidding).

Therefore, the actual click price can also be lower than your maximum bid. On average, the costs per click on Facebook are between 40 and 50 cents – but there can also be large deviations up or down. Among other things, the advertising format and the target group are decisive for this.

Another cost model that is sometimes offered is CPM. A price is agreed for 1,000 impressions, which you must pay in any case.

Implementation of a campaign on Facebook dia advertising campaign is no problem on all platforms, thanks to user-friendly tools. Here the process is described using the example of Facebook or Instagram, or Audience Network (advertising in mobile apps):

  •     Creating the campaign using Facebook’s Ads Manager
  •     Select the overall goal of the movement from multiple options
  •     Defining the campaign name
  •     Create an ad group and set the name
  •     Definition of the target group by selecting several properties such as age, interests, or location
  •     Select placement for Facebook, Instagram, or Audience Network (automatic placements also possible)
  •     Select ad delivery options
  •     determine schedule
  •     Set a runtime or daily budget
  •     Specify the maximum bid for the click price
  •     Create ad
  •     Select ad format (e.g., image, video, slideshow)
  •     Upload media or use templates and write text
  •     Selection of further options (e.g., Facebook pixel for analysis)
  •     View preview and confirm
  •     create additional ads or ad groups
Socialistics Review

What is Socialistics?

This is a social media agency that claims to be experts at telling brand stories in a way that drives maximum engagement. And they do it with a results-oriented mindset and have analytics to show the results.

It’s a full-service agency that handles everything from creating a plan to executing it and tracking the results. Besides creating organic content and posting, they also have experience dealing with advertising on social media.

Here’s how they categorize their list of social media marketing services:

  •      strategy
  •      contents
  •      management
  •      advertising

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