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Savage Global Marketing Review

There is an absolute “must” for social media marketing in the business-to-business area. Many companies use these networks to get in touch with other companies. This sometimes results in cooperation between the companies, from which both can benefit.

Social media marketing B2C

Social media marketing is a unique asset for the direct line to your potential buyers. Gone are the days of telephone hotlines with endless queues because you can clarify many open questions in advance with your content. Also, communication is less formal and more personal.

In general, it should be noted that communication on social networks must fit the entire marketing campaign. In addition, it should be clear that the appropriate channels on which your target groups move will be used.

Why Social Media Marketing?

But why is social media marketing worthwhile for your company? In addition to the classic PR instruments such as a press conference or the press release via the mailing list, new possibilities open up. Networking between a large number of people, also known as many-to-many communication, offers many new communication channels. Furthermore, user-generated content also plays a significant role because this is how companies strengthen customers’ trust by incorporating their content into their marketing concept.

Social media has evolved from the initial trend into an integral part of marketing and simplifies the buying process. If target groups find precisely what they are looking for on your channel, you have successfully overcome the first hurdle. User behavior has changed because users are now actively looking for new solutions on the Internet (pull marketing) instead of being constantly confronted with them (push marketing), such as TV advertising.

The social media marketing figure shows the four basic steps that matter. First of all, the technical setup, i.e., the account, has to be set up and provided with all the necessary information. In the further course, special attention is paid to the community and thus to your followers. Innovative content is required to consistently provide this community with new postings that offers users added value and makes them more familiar with the company. Of course, regular performance measurement in the form of reports is part of a successful concept.

As a social media marketing agency, we are happy to take on all these tasks for you!

social media channels

The social media providers have a lot in common, but each platform impresses with its uniqueness because the communities sometimes cannot be compared. This is why diversity is essential so that communication can succeed on both sides if you use the platforms on which your potential target group can be found. The saying “quality instead of quantity” also applies to social media. Posts should be planned thematically and fit into the communication strategy.

The following social media networks are the most popular:

  •     Facebook
  •     Instagram
  •     YouTube
  •     Twitter
  •     LinkedIn
  •     Xing

content formats

Even if texts represent actual content in any form of contribution, this option is by no means the only one. In addition to the relevant text in the social media feed, you can also inform your prospects with an explanatory graphic. Instagram, for example, focuses more on the visual. In some cases, explainer videos are the ultimate content format. So that these are easy to consume on the go, you should provide them with subtitles. The same topic can be treated differently. In this way, you can optimally reuse the existing media content analyzed using a content audit to reach another part of your target group via a different route because the content will remain king.

Savage Global Marketing Review

What is Savage Global Marketing?

This is a digital marketing agency that also offers social media marketing services. They can help you build your brand, increase brand awareness, drive traffic and maximize your ROI.

This agency is perfect for small businesses looking to build their brand and profile online. Their expertise lies in creating content consistent with the brand and that they publish frequently and consistently across different platforms.

So if you are looking for someone to manage your social media accounts and build your social presence, this is an excellent option.

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