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Realme Buds Air Review

There are many alternatives for TWS (True Wireless Stereo) wireless headphones on the market that promise correct sound quality in different price ranges. In the case of the manufacturer Realme, it has released two models that are very similar to each other, the Realme Buds Air, that are available for €69.90, and the Realme Buds Air NEO, a cheaper version with a more affordable price of €39.99. . Both models have an aesthetic very similar to the first generation Apple AirPods.

These that I have here are the Realme Buds Air, and they will be the ones I will most likely use from now on for my day-to-day use. Until now, I have been using QCY T3 earphones which were not bad, but they had the disadvantage that they were very easy to unpair, and it was pretty challenging to pair them again.

These headphones come in a yellow box with the brand and model on top and a photograph of the design of the headphones. On the back is an image of the box with the most relevant features and specifications of these Realme Buds Air. On one of the sides, there is a white sticker with the details of the model and information about the Realme company.

Inside the cardboard box, there is the Realme Buds Air. These are inside their box, protected by a padded but rigid sponge. Below is the 25 cm long USB to USB Type C cable in white color and the user guide in English language only.

Power and Hardware

These Realme Buds Air mount a chip developed by the brand itself called “R1”.

They have a 12mm driver similar to those that can be mounted on any other headset of this style, with the only exception that Realme engineers have made an effort to reinforce the bass thanks to its DBB (Dynamic Bass Boost) technology.

In addition, it has caught my attention that they provide a high volume that is balanced and clear. It is accurate, and as it happens in any loudspeaker, headphone, or sound equipment, at the moment that we exceed approximately 80% volume, we can begin to notice some distortion. However, as I said, I think that I have exceeded 65% or 70% of the book on no occasion since I consider it high.

As I said, and without going into technicalities, an excellent and immersive sound for this price range also offers compatibility with the AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) coding protocol that allows quality audio.


The battery life of these headphones is approximately 3 hours. However, and thanks to the charge provided by the headphone box, you can get 17 hours of music, as long as we have the volume at 50%, according to the tests carried out by Realme. What I have been able to test with the book slightly above 50% has been an autonomy of just over two and a half hours.

With the battery life of the box, I have been able to charge the headphones approximately five times.

As I have already mentioned, they have USB type C to charge them in approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. In addition, the Realme Buds Air has wireless charging of up to 10 W, which can be fantastic for those of you who have a Qi charging base. When you get home, you can place them on the charging base and forget about them until the next time you use them.

Design and Screen

These Realme headphones have a perfect compact and rigid finish. It is made of shiny plastic with a design very similar to the first Apple AirPods.

They are available in three colors: white, black, and yellow (Realme). Although I have been looking for them, finding them in any color other than white isn’t easy.

These headphones are relatively light in weight at 42.3 grams with the box. If we take them out of their respective box, each of the headphones weighs 4.2 grams, which makes wearing them very comfortable and does not bother. Case dimensions are 51.3mm high x 45.3mm wide x 25.3mm deep.

Compared to the headphones I had and others I’ve been able to try, these are a perfect size and reasonably light weight. These are in a higher price segment than those I have used, which shows in the small details.

On the front of the headphone box is a central button, and above it is a small LED indicator of the battery status. On the back where the hinge is is the inscription that says “Designed by realme” (designed by realme). The lid is magnetic, so it will be virtually impossible to leave it open accidentally.


These Realme Buds Air have Bluetooth 5.0 with a maximum range of 10 meters. I have come to have them at a greater distance. This will allow you to enjoy the best music on your smartphone with one of the best wireless and low-power technologies available.

In addition, one of the apparent differences between these headphones and many others on the market do not have is that they have GFP technology (Google Fast Pair Technology) to pair the headphones to your smartphone quickly and easily. In this way, and as long as the smartphone’s Bluetooth is activated, the option to link it to the device will appear when one of the headphones is removed from its box. It will not be necessary to connect one of the headphones to the other (master-slave) and then to the smartphone, as is the case with many low-cost headphones on the market.

It seems silly, but the earphones that I had in the past, the QCY T3, although the sound was quite good, they became unpaired from each other very quickly, and then it was challenging to re-pair them to the other earphone and the smartphone.

This GFP method is an absolute wonder. I leave you a small video of the ease with which it turns out to link these headphones.

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