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MateBook 16 Review

Without much doubt, it is worth starting with the screen of this equipment. It is a FullView display with a 2.5K resolution (2,520 x 1,680), whose bezels are thin. And it is that the webcam, which on other machines is placed in the upper frame, is located in the central part of the keyboard (later, the implications of this design decision).

According to Huawei, this MateBook model has 1,070 million colors with the intention of obtaining “softer and more real” gradients.

When it’s time to work, and thanks to its aspect ratio (3:2), it is feasible to have two applications open simultaneously, each with a large window size not to “strain” your eyes. Its dimensions also make it possible to move the equipment away and add a wireless keyboard and mouse with the idea that there is more comfortable when it is necessary to work for long hours.

Here it must be said that sometimes the touch panel or touchpad located under the keyboard can be accidentally “activated,” which implies that the cursor is positioned in an unwanted place when writing a text, for example. This does not affect the user experience. However, it should not be ignored by those interested in this computer.

As expected, the Huawei machine provides more than satisfactory results when viewing streaming content or YouTube videos. The colors are intense, and the contrast level is outstanding (1500:1). Its audio system also contributes to this: dual front speakers for surround sound.

Besides its exterior design, the keyboard has a suitable layout to get used to it quickly. The only element that the writer of these lines did not feel comfortable with was the webcam sheltered in one of the keys: finding the correct angle in a video call involves moving the body of the computer -not the screen-which can put it tightly to more than one.

Overall, the MateBook 16 is a laptop that feels solid in every aspect, not just its dimensions. It’s one of those machines that go down well with those looking for a rugged computer to meet their productivity and entertainment demands and “anchor” it to their desk. It is not impossible to transport it or carry it under the arm; it is just that extreme precautions must be taken, such as holding it firmly so that it does not fall by accident.


It’s true; there is much less reliance on cables now, especially when you have to link other devices to your laptop, from a monitor to a mouse. Especially with Huawei’s latest generation products, such as MateView displays or FreeBuds Pro, the wireless connection process is almost automatic.

In any case, it is still appreciated that the MateBook 16 considers in its structure an HDMI input, two USB-C ports, and a pair of USB-A (3.2 Gen 1), which reduces the possibilities of using a hub (a cost extra at the end of the day).
MateBook 16 Review

So, connecting a monitor as a second screen, an external hard drive, a microphone, and a webcam (for those who are not so comfortable with the one included in the keyboard), to mention just a few possibilities, is as easy as having the corresponding cables (almost always included with the same products).

To be clear, the MateBook 16 doesn’t need any of that to be a functional machine on its own; The other connection options are mentioned for those people —like the one who writes these lines— who like to have more devices on their desk that do their work, whatever it may be, more comfortable.

Processing and autonomy

The MateBook 16 is a machine that keeps up with the demands of practically any professional, such as those who need to process information or those who need to generate all kinds of multimedia content to share on different platforms.
MateBook 16 Review

Under its structure, it is possible to find an AMD Ryzen 7 or Ryzen 5, as well as 16 GB of RAM, which helps run several applications simultaneously without the laptop being diminished.

Regarding storage, it has a capacity of 512 GB and enough space to hold many videos and photos in case people do not have a cloud service contracted.

Despite its large format, the MateBook 16 is distinguished by being silent; it does not feel like it is “taking off” from the desk when it is most demanded. The manufacturer explains that the base vent houses dual fans of 79 ultra-thin S-shaped shark fin blades (heat is dissipated through two wide tubes).

Like other Chinese firm laptops, the computer’s 135-watt charger (USB-C) can be used in devices compatible with the house’s seal. On paper, 15 minutes of charging is enough to get just over 200 minutes of autonomy when a power source is unavailable for a long time.

Lastly, while this machine comes with Windows 10 out of the box, it can be seamlessly upgraded to Windows 11, the new operating system version that is and feels more intuitive. As if that were not enough, it is prepared for Wi-Fi 6, the connectivity standard that offers four times the capacity of its predecessor.


In particular, due to its dimensions, the MateBook 16 is not a computer for everyone. It will come in handy for those who have fallen short of a 13-inch screen for their various activities and do not need to move from one place to another with their laptop under their arm. In response, they would not have to worry since its performance is up to practically any professional requirement.

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