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Hohem iSteady X

First, I have to say that I have never used a gimbal with these characteristics, and I am not an expert in them, so to use them, I had to watch a YouTube video and read what I could find on the internet. The tests I have carried out have been with my smartphone, a Realme X2 Pro. It is a device without optical image stabilization, which is ideal for checking the stabilization range with this accessory.

This Hohem iSteady X gimbal is designed for smartphones weighing up to 280 grams. It is currently available in two colors: black and white, like the version that has come to us.

It comes in an orange cardboard box covered with a translucent plastic lid. Through this cover, you can see the placement of the gimbal inside. It contains the brand and model of the stabilizer, the most basic specifications, and some QR codes to download the application. As soon as we open it, there is the gimbal, a small tripod, a small lanyard to hang it from the wrist, the instruction manual in several languages ​​​​, including Spanish, the USB type C charging cable, and a velvety case to store it.

I liked finding this adaptable tripod; in this way, we can place it on any surface. Another thing that I think is useful is the USB Type-C charging cable. To this day, many manufacturers still use the micro USB connection. Bravo for Hohem!

Power and Hardware

One of the main novelties of this Hohem gimbal specially conceived and designed for smartphones is its new motor system. These have been renewed thanks to its unique proprietary iSteady 3.0 algorithm that eliminates any vibrations that may occur when taking photos and videos.

In addition, due to this new algorithm and inverted automatic detection, you can record from practically the ground using the rotation of the gimbal itself. You will have a more natural hand position and get spectacular recording shots.


As many may imagine, this Hohem iSteady X connects to our smartphone through its Bluetooth 4.0 connection. It offers compatibility with Bluetooth version 3.0. In addition, it is compatible with Apple devices with iOS version 10 or later and with Android devices with version 6.0 or later.

We have to download and install the “Hohem Pro” application that we can find for free in the Google Play or Apple App Store.


Next, I am going to indicate the steps that you must follow to link the Hohem to your smartphone:

First, we will install the application and grant it the permissions it asks for. These will be access to storage, camera, microphone, and location.
We must have the Bluetooth of our smartphone connected and turn on the stabilizer by pressing and holding the right button.
Next, within the application, we will have to scan the devices so that it finds the Hohem iSteady X. Sometimes, as has been my case, it will detect it immediately, and we will only have to press connect.
We must allow the connection with the device, as I show in the images.
Finally, it will ask us to register.

Once these steps are followed, we can use them whenever we want. We have to make sure to connect it via Bluetooth.


I am going to divide the application into two parts, and I will explain in each one of them the functionalities it offers.

The first part is where we will activate everything related to our accounts, such as viewing our profile and the application version. We can also find various tutorials and help questions (all in English) and the gallery where we can view the videos and photographs we have recorded.

In this part of the application, we must ensure that the gimbal is connected via Bluetooth to our smartphone.

Design and Screen

This Hohem iSteady X is made of plastic with some metal finishes. It looks like a product with an exquisite appearance and feels very comfortable to the touch, being very comfortable when gripping it.

When folded, the stabilizer dimensions are as follows: 179 mm high x 79 mm wide x 39 mm thick and weighs 259 grams. Ideal for those who want to carry it in the side pocket of their pants. At least I’ve taken it there when I’ve used it. It is very light and has a weight similar to today’s smartphones.

Unfolded and to put it to work, its measurements increase to 230 mm high x 80mm wide x 40mm thick.

This Hohem is designed for smartphones ranging from 100 grams to 280 grams in weight with a maximum thickness of 11 mm and 89 mm wide. The smartphone must be used without a case for proper operation and the dimensions it supports.

In addition, it has a non-orthogonal axis design, making it easy to use with smartphones with wide-angle lenses. This way, we will not see any part of the stabilizer when using the said lens. In practice, and probably due to the degree of recording, part of the stabilizer support has been recorded on a couple of occasions.

The clamp where we place the smartphone is made of silicone. Thanks to this, the smartphone will be prevented from slipping and damaging. A small sticker on the coupler indicates the camera’s direction and reminds you to center the smartphone as much as possible by balancing the weight. Basically, we will have to unfold the handle and place the coupler with the brand’s (Hohem) letters vertically.

The iSteady X is a three-axis stabilizer, and each has a tab to lock the movement. When we want to use it, we will have to make sure to display these tabs so as not to impede its movement. The gimbal arm has a small adjustable hinge employing a small screw to fold and unfold.

This three-axis mechanism allows excellent movement in the different axes:

Panning 320º
320º rotation
270º tilt

On the handle, there is a sticker that tells us how to unfold the stabilizer arm and how to calibrate it. First, you will have to develop it and place the smartphone in the clip so that you can turn it on and calibrate it automatically.

In the center of the grip or handle, we will have the metal part where a small joystick and two small buttons will be. Above it will be three white battery indicator LEDs and a fourth Bluetooth connection LED, red and yellow. Below each button or LED, the functionality is engraved.

Next, I am going to detail the functionalities of these buttons:

Joystick: Raise lower and guide the movement of the stabilizer.
Press the right controller 1 time: Placing the smartphone vertically or horizontally.
Press the right button twice a row: Center and calibrate the stabilizer.
Press the left button one time: Take a photo.
Press the left controller 2 times in succession: Start video recording and stop it.
Press the left controller 3 times in a row: Switch from front to rear camera and vice versa.

On the left side is a small slider button that will serve to zoom digitally. On the right side is the USB Type-C port that will be used to charge the battery.

At the bottom of the handle is a universal thread to fit other accessories, for example, the small tripod that this Hohem incorporates.

This tripod is made of plastic, although it seems less resistant than the stabilizer. To prevent it from slipping when placed, it has a small silicone base on each leg, which does an outstanding job.

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