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Social Media Marketing – the advantages

Social media marketing is associated with effort and costs. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile and offers some advantages compared to classic advertising. These are the reasons why dealing with social media is worthwhile:

  •     Great coverage:
  •     Social media is a fast way to reach many people online if your content is shared frequently. There is also no regional restriction.
  •     More attention:
  •     Postings via social media are perceived less as advertising and, therefore, more consciously.
  •     Diverse targeting options:
  •     Due to the extensive available data, advertising in social networks can be played out in a very target group-oriented manner.
  •     Relevant to any business:
  •     From the large brand group to the small business, almost every company can benefit from a presence on social networks.
  •     Direct exchange with customers:
  •     Direct communication options with customers and interested parties are a great advantage of social networks. This strengthens customer loyalty, and you receive valuable feedback.
  •     Rapid dissemination of information:
  •     Sometimes, it is essential to react quickly to current developments or be able to spread the news. This is not a problem on social media.
  •     Good options for measuring and controlling success:
  •     The success of social media marketing can be evaluated and manipulated with the help of appropriate tools. This is how you avoid wastage.

Note: Keep in mind that many customers now expect to be able to connect with companies via social media. That alone is a reason not to ignore these possibilities.

Goals and Areas of application of social media marketing

Why do companies deal with social media marketing, and how exactly do they use social networks? Find out more about the general goals and the individual areas where you can be active.

General goals of social media marketing

Social media offer companies several opportunities to realize individual projects. Which of the following overarching goals is most important will impact your social media marketing strategy:


    Brand characteristics can be communicated very well via social media. Which information do you publish, and how does it shape the perception of your brand. Start-ups can consciously build a new brand through social media.

Increase in brand awareness:

    Use the broad reach of social media to make your brand better known. However, you can only achieve this goal if you are regularly active in the networks and follow a uniform strategy.

Customer Acquisition:

You often win new customers through social media marketing because satisfied customers share or comment on your content and thus recommend your offers to their friends and followers. Another way of acquiring new customers is through target group-specific advertisements.

Customer retention:

Social networks are also very suitable for not only winning customers but also for keeping them. This includes regular postings and reactions to comments and questions.

In the following section, you will learn how you as an entrepreneur can be active on social media in the main.

What companies use social media for

Companies use social networks for different purposes. In most cases, the focus is on the customer. But there are also other areas of application:


The focus of social media marketing is often the sale of your products. Relevant posts or advertisements lead potential customers directly to the online shop.

 Customer Service:

If customers have questions about the product, the ordering process, or other service issues, it is customer-friendly if they can also ask them on social networks.

 Customer communication:

Communicating with customers beyond service issues is also an essential part of social media marketing. This is how you strengthen the bond and get feedback.


LinkedIn and XING are particularly interested in recruiting personnel, but Facebook can also provide valuable services here.

Internal communication:

Some companies also use social networks to communicate with employees. It’s an easy way to share information and stay in touch with staff.

A high reach is an advantage for the success of social media marketing. The following section explains how you can increase this.

strategies for organic growth on social media

Organic growth means increasing your social media reach without paid advertising. Different focal points can be the focus:

Increase in several followers:

  •     The more followers you have, the more people will see and share your posts. This is the most important prerequisite for increasing your awareness.
  •     Boosting the post reach within the target group:
  •     A post’s reach is how many people have seen it since it was published. This range should be as high as possible, especially within the target group.
  •     Increase in interaction rate:
  •     The more your followers feel addressed by the published content, the more actively they interact, i.e., they like, comment, or share posts. This has a positive effect on the range.
  •     Promoting Virality:
  •     This is specifically about sharing. Only content that is considered particularly valuable will be shared. A high level of virality in individual posts can quickly and sustainably increase your reach and awareness.
Fuel online Review

What Is Fuel online? 

Fuel online, a US-based digital marketing company, is a rising star in the social media marketing space. It is a full-service agency that can handle complete social media campaigns.

It gets you organic engagement on social media, but it can also help you manage social media advertising campaigns.

The company prides itself on being able to offer a full spectrum of services which includes:

  •      Social Media Awareness
  •      Social media campaigns
  •      PPC ad campaigns
  •      Ad Management and Placement
  •      Content & Creativity

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